Vinylester barrier coat

BC90V is a syntactic foam based on vinylester resin and low density mineral fillers, specifically formulated to be applied as the first layer after the gelcoat and thus act as a barrier to the printing caused by the fibers and the reinforcing cores of the composite laminate, even after weeks and months from the demolding of the pieces from their respective molds.
It represents an effective partial or total alternative to the first layer of manual MAT (skincoat) with significant advantages in terms of laminate construction speed.
BC90V has high thermal resistance (HDT > 80°C), constitutes an excellent barrier against osmosis with reduced water absorption of the product and guarantees a superior quality of the surface finish.
Easily applied with a gelcoat machine.


Recommended: properly prepared and cleaned polyester and vinylester gelcoats.


Apply on the surfaces free of dust, fibers, dirt and condensation.
It is recommended to apply BC90V maximum 2 hours after applying the gelcoat. Mix the BC90V with 1,0 – 2,0% of liquid hardener CT23 (methylethylketone peroxide), bearing in mind that the amount of hardener required depends on the temperature of use and the processing times required. The recommended use temperature range is between 16 and 28°C. The product contains viracolor in order to verify the homogeneous dispersion of the peroxide. Apply by brush or spray.
Spray application, which can be achieved with a common gelcoating machine, is recommended as it reduces application times and allows greater uniformity of the thicknesses obtained. Recommended thickness: 800 — 1000 microns to be obtained by means of 2 coats with an interval of about 5 min. It is advisable to start lamination no later than 2 hours after applying the Barrier coat. For quantities over 5 kg. mixing with a stirrer is recommended. In its original packaging, the product can be used for 6 months if stored indoor away from direct sunlight, at temperatures not exceeding 20°C. Some drift may occur in gel time.


Type of use