Vinylester putty for filling with microfibres

White vinylester putty reinforced with con glass microfibres.
Specifically formulated for bubbles, defect and seam filling and surface leveling.
It shows excellent vertical sealing behavior and limited shrinkage even on high thicknesses (up to 4 mm). Suitable for hulls and surfaces directly exposed to the external environment due to its superior performance in terms of thermal, mechanical and anti-osmosis resistance. After sanding it is recommended to smooth with SV70 or SV71 vinylester putty before the following cycles.
Contains Viracolor.


Recommended: fiberglass laminates, fillers and polyester and vinylester mastics.


Apply on well cleaned sanded surfaces; make sure the substrate is free of dust, fibers, dirt and surface condensation. Carefully mix the putty with 1,0 – 2,0% of liquid hardener (methylethyl ketone peroxide), bearing in mind that the quantity of required hardener, depends on the temperature of use and the processing times required. The recommended temperature range of use is between 12 and 30°C. It must be applied manually with a spatula. In its original packaging, the product can be used for 6 months if stored indoor away from direct sunlight, at temperatures not exceeding 20°C


Type of use