FP10 / FP11

Polishing finishing filler

Polishing filler spray, based on high quality polyester resins.
Formulated for the spray finishing of both traditional and milled models.
Ideal for finishing all SLEM millable tooling pastes. Excellent in the application for vertical surface, it allows obtaining considerable thicknesses. With an adequate sanding and polishing cycle it reaches an average degree of gloss that does not require further painting; if it is specifically required, it can be painted over.

FP10 (white)
FP11 (grey)


Recommended: sanded laminate, MDF, polyester fillers, millable pastes.


Apply on well cleaned sanded surfaces; make sure that the substrate is free of dust, fibers, dirt and surface condensation. Diluite with acetone or MEK from 0 to 10% by volume. Add 1% — 2% of liquid hardener CT21 (MEKP Butanox M50 or equivalent) and mix thoroughly, bearing in mind that the amount of hardener required depends on the temperature of use and the processing times required. Leave the product to air out for a few minutes before applying it; the application time of the hardened product varies from 20 to 30 minutes at 23°C depending on the quantity of hardener used. The recommended temperature range is between 16 and 28°C. Typical airbrush application: 300-400 microns in one coat, to be applied in two coats up to a maximum thickness of 1200-1500 microns; nozzle diameter 2.5 mm; air pressure 3.5 bar. Sandable after 3-4 hours from the application at 23°C. The best results are obtained when the product is sanded only once during hardening and the surface is sanded with a fine grit and finished with polishing the next day, allowing the solvents to evaporate.


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