Light polyester bondig paste

Lightweight adhesive bonding paste based on unsaturated polyester resins, microspheres and light reinforcing fillers.
Specifically formulated for the composite sector for bonding core materials and inserts in Balsa, PVC, PET, PIR and polyurethane foam. It is easy to apply, spread with spatula, easily deaerate and stick to the surface thanks to the excellent tixotropy. Under pressure or vacuum it flows easily saturating every crack and cavity of the foam thus ensuring high mechanical, thermal and chemical properties to the sandwich laminate. The low specific weight of its formulation is combined with limited shrinkage during hardening and excellent adhesion performance even on high density foams.


Recommended: properly prepared and cleaned polyester and vinylester fiberglass laminates.


The product can be applied directly to freshly laminated surfaces free of dust, fibers, dirt and condensation. Completely hardened surfaces must instead be sanded and cleaned thoroughly. The suitability for use on surfaces obtained from paraffin resins must be checked. Mix the product directly in its package with 1,0 – 2,0% of liquid hardener (methylethyl ketone peroxide), bearing in mind that the amount of hardener required depends on the temperature of use and the processing times required. The recommended temperature range is between 16 and 28°C. The product contains viracolor in order to verify the homogeneous dispersion of the peroxide. It can be applied manually with a spatula or by machine. For quantities over 5 kg, mixing with a stirrer is recommended,
while for 200 l drums, the use of a pressing plate extruder/mixer
guarantees the best mixing efficiency. The product has also been formulated to be sprayable, where the large surfaces of components or the rapid cycles of mass production require it. For further details and recommended application procedures, refer directly to the “Core Adhesives for Foams guidelines”, available at INTEC’s Technical Assistance Center. In its original packaging, the product can be used for 6 months if stored indoor away from direct sunlight, at temperatures not exceeding 20°C. Some drift may occur in gel time.


Type of use


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