Last June 2023, negotiations were completed for the acquisition of the company INTEC S.r.l., by the family-held company Briolf Group S.l. an industrial group with a global and highly diversified presence in the coatings and chemical compounds business, with a history of more than 50 years.
To date, Briolf reality is made up of more than a thousand people, and is present worldwide with more than 35 companies, supplying customers in more than 120 countries and in 9 different business areas, providing high-performance technological solutions, whose motto translates to: PEOPLE.PASSION.CHIEMISTRY

The acquisition of INTEC srl, represents for Briolf Group S.l. a further step forward in the long-term strategy that has industrial diversification as its aim.
The COMPOSITE sector will allow the group to enter a strategic market for the future and in continuous expansion.
Furthermore, INTEC S.r.l., will also permit to strengthen the presence of the group in those markets which are the current core business (such as car refinishing where Roberlo is a worldwide reference).

Therefore, for INTEC S.r.l., becoming part of one of the main European industrial group, manufacturer of chemical compounds and varnishes, represents an excellent opportunity that will allow to develop and strengthen all the current industrial capacity and business potentialities.

This agreement will provide INTEC S.r.l. the possibility of facing all future challenges by being able to take advantage of an excellent general industrial organization.

Furthermore, but no less important, it’s important to highlight the fact that Briolf Group is a family-held industrial project, with a vision and values very similar to those that have characterized the 52-year history of INTEC S.r.l.
This similarity will guarantee the company continuity of the industrial project, maintaining a personal approach in global management, guaranteeing the permanence of all the professional principles and values that have always been essential for INTEC S.r.l.

The relationship with a highly skilled group will make this partnership even more effective and more solid without losing any of the positive elements that the company has maintained over all these years.

The awareness that Briolf Group S.l. was created with the aim of becoming an industrial group capable to provide to all its member companies an ideal framework to reach their goals, it is reassuring to know that INTEC S.r.l. has been entrusted to a group that will guarantee the necessary organization to catch all the opportunities that future will present.

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