Resin for polystyrene lamination

Orthophthalic polyester resin with low styrene content and a methacrylate monomer.
Particularly suitable both as a primer to be applied directly on expanded polystyrene, and as a resin for the realization of a laminate with glass fibers, made on EPS, as the low styrene content avoids any type of attack on the polystyrene itself. The resin is pre-accelerated and has medium viscosity and reactivity.


Mix the resin with 1,0 – 2,0% of liquid hardener (methylethyl ketone peroxide), bearing in mind that the amount of hardener selected depends on both the operating temperature and the required processing times. The recommended use temperature range is between 16°C and 28°C. The product can be used for 12 months in its original packaging at a room temperature of 20°C.


Type of use


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