GI10H / GI10S

Isophtalic gelcoat for mould

This type of gelcoat is produced with isophtalic resins, which have a high resistance to organic solvents and water. It has excellent hardness, is resistant to the aggression of styrene and is recommended when you want to obtain a particularly bright appearance. The mould must not be put into service before the gelcoat has reached a hardness index of at least 35 barcol. The minimum temperature during treatment and after treatment should be at least 18°C.


The gelcoat for mould is pre-accelerated and thixotropic.
Available in the versions: H-BRUSH, S-SPRAY.
Colors: 10-green.
Packaging of 20 kg.
Recommended peroxide percentage (MEKP): 1,5 – 2%.
Film thickness: 0,5 – 0,9 mm.
Apply a test sample of the tooling gelcoat before the main operation, to ensure you get a good result.

  • To ensure maximum stability and maintain optimal resin properties, resins must be stored in closed containers at temperatures below 24°C, away from sources of heat and sunlight.
  • The product must be heated to at least 18°C prior to use, to ensure proper curing and handling.
  • All storage areas and containers must comply with local fire and building codes.
  • Copper or copper-containing alloys should be avoided as containers.
  • Store separated from oxidizing materials, peroxides and metal salts.
  • Keep containers closed when not in use. In its original packaging, the product can be used for 6 months.


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