Gel putty for finishing

White gel putty specifically formulated for the composite sector for the finishing and manual leveling of large surfaces.
The excellent workability and sandability are accompanied by a low shrinkage and an intense white color that facilitates overpainting with gelcoat, significantly increasing the application yield. Recommended in a thin layer in bodywork cycles, directly on the support or on top of the filler putty (SG91 filler putty).


Recommended: fiberglass laminates, fillers and polyester and vinylester mastics.


Apply on well cleaned sanded surfaces; make sure the substrate is free of dust, fibers, dirt and surface condensation. Carefully mix the product with 1,0 – 3,0% of hardener in paste (benzoyl peroxide), bearing in mind that the quantity of required hardener, depends on the temperature of use and the processing times required. The recommended temperature range of use is between 12 and 30°C.
It must be applied manually with a spatula. For further and more specific application details on the putty finishing cycles, refer to “Guidelines for the finishing of the hull”, available at INTEC’s Technical Assistance Center. In its original packaging, the product can be used for 6 months if stored indoor away from direct sunlight, at temperatures not exceeding 20°C.


Type of use