Prefilled tooling resin for mould HPH

RS2040 is a filled and pre-accelerated unsaturated polyester resin with low styrene content.
RS2040 has been designed for the rapid lamination with results of excellent surface finishes and high dimensional stability of the moulds. Thanks to its high wettability, RS2040 is formulated specifically for manual application or by roller-brush. RS2040 hardens very well at room temperature both with 1 layer of MAT and with 4 or more layers of MAT applied wet on wet. The RS2040 is particularly suitable for the production of large surfaces and also for the production of moulds used in infusion process: characterized by a low exothermic peak, a low volumetric, low linear shrinkage and an high tixotropy that allows to work quickly without dripping, and a low styrene content that allows to operate with low styrene emission, significantly improving the work environment and exposure of the operators.


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