Universal UHS eco hardener

High solids hardener for universal use, particularly indicated for UHS ECO clear acrylic. Does not turn yellow, compatible with any 2K, acrylic or polyurethane topcoat. Used in combination with ultra high solids eco clear coat (UHS ECO) for a superior quality finish complying with VOC emission limits (VOC during application <420 g/l).
It is available in the following versions:

  • Extra Fast CT65ER, for final touches and applications at temperatures under 18 °C.;
  • Rapid CT65R, for applications at temperatures between 15-23 °C.;
  • Normal CT65, for applications at temperatures between 18-28 °C.;
  • Slow CT65L, for applications at temperatures over 28 °C.

S.W. / P.S. : 1 LT = 1 KG

Cod. SL65NT0500MUX
Capacity: ml 500
Color: colorless
Packaging: no. 12

Cod. SL65NT2500MUX
Capacity: lt 2,5
Color: colorless
Packaging: no. 4



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