Fiberglass putty

Unsaturated polyester resin putty reinforced with fiberglass. Good flexibility combined with high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. Provides excellent anchoring to the support. Fast drying even when applied in thick layers. The properties of this fiberglass putty makes it suitable for many different uses. It is suitable for car bodywork repairs and for filling and assembling fiberglass parts.

S.W. / P.S. : 1 L = 1,36 KG

Capacity: ml 125
Weight: kg 0,164
Color: beige
Packaging: no. 24
Hardener: tube g 6

Capacity: ml 500
Weight: kg 0,660
Color: beige
Packaging: no. 12
Hardener: tube g 20

Capacity: ml 750
Weight: kg 0,985
Color: beige
Packaging: no. 12
Hardener: tube g 35

Cod. SLVETV0004LL6
Capacity: lt 4
Weight: kg 5,260
Color: beige
Packaging: no. 4
Hardener: tube g 180

Cod. SLVETV0025KL8
Capacity: lt 18
Weight: kg 24,500
Color: beige
Packaging: –
Hardener: in paste g 500 not included

Type of use

Fibreglass constructions

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