Universal soft compact putty

Universal polyester putty for application with a spreader on any metal support. SK24C putty offers excellent adherence to standard metal supports and surfaces like aluminium or galvanized sheet metal body parts and fibreglass parts. Very soft, easy to apply with a spreader; excellent flexibility. Excellent base for sanding.

S.W. / P.S. : 1 L = 1,8 KG

Capacity: ml 750
Weight: kg 1,315
Color: beige
Packaging: no. 12
Hardener: tube g 35

Cod. SLLSCY0820MC1
Capacity: ml 820
Weight: kg 1,436
Color: beige
Packaging: no. 12
Hardener: cartridge g 40

Capacity: lt 1 M
Weight: kg 1,820
Color: beige
Packaging: no. 6
Hardener: tube g 40

Type of use

IronGalvanized sheet

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