Extralight putty

Polyester putty with a low specific weight, soft consistency for application with a spreader.
Ideal for building up thicker layers; easy to mould into shapes, long-lasting flexibility without pores.

S.W. / P.S. : 1 L = 1,20 KG

Capacity: ml 750
Weight: kg 0,865
Color: yellow
Packaging: no. 12
Hardener: tube g 35

Cod. SLEELY0820MC1
Capacity: ml 820
Weight: kg 0,944
Color: yellow
Packaging: no. 12
Hardener: cartridge g 40

Cod. SLEELY0004LL6
Capacity: lt 4
Weight: kg 4,655
Color: yellow
Packaging: no. 4
Hardener: tube g 145

Cod. SLEELY0020KL8
Capacity: lt 16,4
Weight: kg 19,500
Color: yellow
Packaging: –
Hardener: in paste g 500 not included

Type of use

IronGalvanized sheet

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