UHS eco clear coat

2K, fast drying, ultra high solids acrylic clear coat (VOC at application < 420 g/l).
Used by car refinishing professionals and industrial bodyshops on any type of flat base coat for touch-ups and overall repairs. High residual solids content, excellent hardness, high gloss, and excellent weather resistance.

To use 2:1 in volume
S.W. / P.S. : 1 LT = 1 KG

Cod. SL65TT0001LAX
Capacity: lt 1
Color: colorless
Packaging: no. 12
Hardener: CT65 not included

Cod. SL65TT0005LLX
Capacity: lt 5
Color: colorless
Packaging: no. 4
Hardener: CT65 not included



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